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What do you suppose “vaj medavel” to mean???

Vaj Tourism Group is in charge of the start-up “Vaj Medavel,” an independent division of specialized health tourism services (vaj.travelvaj.ir vaj.market). We are the first of our kind, the biggest, and the most inventive. (According to the testimonials of clients who have used our services for their health and beauty). Of course, there are other well-known businesses functioning in Iran in this sector, and we approve of their services, but it is important to take into account the comparative edge of the start-up “Vaj Medavel.”

Each of the senior members of “Medavel” has had successful enterprises in the aforementioned disciplines. The key members of the “Medavel” team  are individuals who have been engaged in many fields of tourism and healthcare in Iran and overseas for many years. We’ve all come together now with a clear goal: to deliver tourism and medical services that are unheard-of, combine them with aspects of innovation and hospitality, and deliver the finest possible experience for you.

The two types of health tourists we have are those who seek out beauty and those who seek out health. Health seekers apply for curative and medical operations, while beauty seekers apply for cosmetic procedures. We try to preserve the heritage of our ancestors, which is hospitality and welcoming travellers in the best way possible, by relying on sensory marketing strategy (we care and nurse you like your family), medical science, and the clean tourism industry.

Regardless of ethnicity, creed, or nationality, our objective is to provide a variety of treatments that suit the needs and cultures of beauty and health seekers across the world.  Even better, we’ve offered you the option to create a custom health tourism vacation  for yourself and organize your own travel itinerary for us.

Our research and development staff constantly keeps an eye on the desires and requirements of beauty and health consumers who are either planning trips to Iran or who have already experienced our services and have useful critiques and ideas. So that we can deliver exclusive, enticing, affordable offers and even transform the stress and problems produced by the treatment and beauty procedure into the sweetness of honey of the gorgeous mountains of Iran for you.

Our competitive advantages include the following:

We have a dedicated supply chain in the lodging industry. signed agreements with the top clinics, hospitals, doctors, insurance providers, tour guides, and skilled consultants for transportation, catering, handicrafts, and… Compared to similar services available in your area, (Price Comparison) we have cut our prices by a significant amount for you

Warranty service.

The cornerstones of our work are creativity and inventiveness, as seen in Medavel’s departure celebration.

Making use of cutting-edge tools for your better decision, such as VR glasses

A private salt room and ect,

In Iran and the region, our start-up is revolutionizing healthcare travel. Do not doubt that “Vaj Medavel” loves you like a family member and will never forget you, and we are doing our best to convey this feeling to you. In desire for the memory of a vacation with the color and value of an aquamarine stone to be permanently ingrained in your mind, in addition to the promised and committed services.

Here you go, this is the meaning of vaj medavel:

VAJ = Valued Aquamarine Journey

MEDAVEL = Medical Travel




  • nose surgery

  • Plastic surgery

  • weight loss surgery

  • hair transplant

  • planting a beard

  • cosmetic dentistry

  • other

Young slim woman wearing white with flying blue scarf in desert


  • eye treatment

  • fertility treatment

  • orthopedics

  • cardiology

  • ENT(ear-nose-throat)

  • medical dentistry

  • general surgery

  • cancer treatment



  • hotels

  • villas

  • hospitals

  • doctors

  • transportation

  • T visa

  • other






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